Robert Vanecke at IAXAI – series of paintings

The exhibition presents works from the series of paintings „Pseudology Fantastica”. This series of paintings in the style of calligraffiti in its subject matter refers to the theory of lies. Robert Vanecke tries to identify and describe this eternal human taint. In his graphics, the artist notes his thoughts and reflections on the nature of lies.

The artist presents various forms of lies in an abstract way. In the series „Pseudologia Fantastica”, the painter uses abstract symbols to tell unique stories of interpersonal relationships. Presented works are characterized by the clarity of the composition and the simplicity of color.

In a series of paintings by Robert Vanecke a process is inspired by handwriting. It is a completely abstract visual creation, devoid of any specific semantic meaning. Painting allows for every possible interpretation. Calligraffiti is an art form that combines calligraphy, typography and graffiti. This form of creativity integrates signs referring to lettering, which create a broader, symbolic, very emotional message.

Robert Vanecke attempts in and by his works, to define and capture this eternal human vice. Like philosophers, ethicists, logicians, semanticists, semiotics, psychologists, sociologists, and finally, linguists, Robert Vanecke encodes his insights and reflections on the nature of lies. The artist presents in an abstract way the universality of the lie and its various forms.

The series of paintings easily lift the weight of this important and heavy subject. The means used by Robert Vanecke allow for interpretation of the complex matter of lies, creating interesting compositions with a minimalist formula.