Series of artworks by Robert Vanecke PSEUDOLOGIA FANTASTICA

“Pseudologia Fantastica” a series of artworks, which refers to the theory of lies, is a good example of it. Robert Vanecke attempts in and by his series of color graphics, to define and capture this eternal human vice. Like philosophers, ethicists, logicians, semanticists, semiotics, psychologists, sociologists and, finally, linguists, Rob encodes his insights and reflections on the nature of lies. The artist presents in an abstract way the universality of the lie and its various forms.
The Pseudo-Fantastica series of artworks transform abstract symbols into an integral part of the story in the pictures. Forms combine cultural heritage. The composition is a journey of transformation. Simple colors, forms, almost ascetic compositions.

Series of artworks – Calligraffiti style

Robert Vanecke is attracted to handwriting, to ancient calligraphy and the tradition of ink-painting. A journey to the beginnings of human culture. Rob’s Calligraffiti is a unique form, different from commonly recognized styles of calligraphic art. It acquires the features of abstract symbolism because it does not recognize any rules, while traditional calligraphy is subject to them. As a conscious representative series of artworks of calligraffiti, Robert Vanecke breaks from the principles of typography and allows himself to transform and deconstruct letters and combine them with other symbols and signs in a very creative way. He prefers to use characters from his own dictionary to create visual compositions, new languages. The technique of calligraffiti is characterized by directness in its entirety and finesse in detail.

Letters, writing, signs and symbols become an image and an abstraction. On the other hand, shapes and icons become a language. He creates pseudo-calligraffiti as a complete abstraction in which the letters in combination with the characters do not form an unambiguous message: the content is left to the recipient’s interpretation.


Robert’s calligraffiti series of artworks is a complex process. Paradoxical because it is characterized and consists of many elements that seem contradictory. It combines tradition with modernity. On the one hand, Robert Vanecke plays with the beauty and attractiveness of forms. On the other, he provokes in a sophisticated way. The signs are precise but also full of spontaneity. Philosophical undertones, clearly defined theme, simplicity of composition – they allude to but are not a clear message.